Why Choose Nice Home Automation

Nice is the simplest way to create a coordinated automation system in any type of home, office, hotel and public building. Choosing Nice means guaranteeing the utmost performance, the latest and most advanced technology and the most practical and innovative design.

Nice is certified quality

Through our state-of-the-art laboratories, we conduct strict daily tests on all our products: guaranteeing safety, quality, reliability and durability. Nice products conform to both the European standards and to the principal recognised international ones.

Nice is safety

All Nice products are projected to guarantee maximum safety. Thanks to our automation, one can stay calm whilst their children are playing in the garden and don’t have to worry about the dog running into the street. With Nice, one can safely enter and leave their premises at will.

Nice is energy in nature

Nice uses solar sources for difficult to reach by electronic networks gate or garage door automation without digging. Solar energy is clean and free and is without-a-doubt an ecological and intelligent choice which gives you a quick payback on your investment. The long energy reserve duration plus low consumption of the automation guarantees functionality, even in long cloudy periods.

Nice is exclusive

Nice automation systems definitely add value to your property: making those daily movements easier and more comfortable. Offering intelligent solutions to your every need and satisfying your wishes of comfort in the most exclusive and functional way.

Nice is practical

You can manage all your automation “in and out” by using a single control. Nice offers to put into action all your automation at ease without leaving the sofa. Thanks to the intuitive use you are always sure that all your shutters are closed and don’t have to put yourself out to open your garage door.

Nice is versatile

Program and manage your home automation 360°. Programming the opening, the way and the closing of your blinds and window shutters. It’s impossible to leave gates and garage doors open. With Nice you can relax when at home or not.

Nice is shape and substance

As always Nice Keeps one eye on innovation and the other on product design: easy to use, refined, solid and functional. The degree of our success is in the millions of satisfied users worldwide.


To guarantee safety of your automations choose the best: Nice!

Discover how easy it is to guarantee safety with Nice products, all compliant with the most stringent of European standards: resistive and mechanical sensitive edges; positionable synchronised photocells; facilitated release systems; obstacle detection and phototest function to prevent manoeuvres when necessary; instruments and software for measuring impact force; 24 V power supply and rechargeable batteries to enable motor operation also during a power failure.

The power of sun: Nice Solemyo!

Nice Solemyo uses solar energy to automate gates, garage doors or barrier gates.
Installable anywhere without the need for connections or excavations, even in the most remote locations or those difficult to access with the power mains.
Low consumption with no risk of blackouts. Increased savings and respect for the environment.
Nice job putting the sun in home Automation!

With just a click, Nice total control!

With a Nice transmitter you can control the whole range of automations for gates, garages, awnings and rolling shutters, alarm systems as well as irrigation and lighting systems and electrical loads; each single automation or groups of automations (i.e. the rolling shutter of the living room; all the rolling shutters of the first floor; rolling shutters and awnings of the southern side.

The advantage of ease of programming and remote assistance: Nice Opera!

The innovative system Nice Opera makes the work for the installer easier thanks to the remote control of any automation system via PC, PDA, while customers can manage home automation via mobile or Smartphone.
The advantage of Nice Opera is the remote assistance. No more need for on-site inspections thanks to the remote diagnostics for fast and accurate fault detection and the practical and intuitive modifications to the settings of all systems.

Maximum ease of installation: Nice BlueBus!

Nice BlueBUS system makes installation really easy and quick: nothing but two wires now connect all the system devices, which can be amplified later with the same simplicity.
The absence of polarity and clamps, which can be identified thanks to the use of different colours and serigraphies, make the connection of the system even easier and really error-free.